RTS Launches its ROAMEO Intercom System

by Michael Eddy
The RTS ROAMEO wireless intercom solution
The RTS ROAMEO wireless intercom solution

RTS launched ROMEO, a wireless intercom solution based on the license-free DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) standard with a protected frequency band. It provides audio over a seamlessly integrated digital wireless belt pack and associated access points. Featuring a rugged design, ROAMEO is suitable for a wide range of professional intercom applications where wireless communication is critical. ROAMEO will be available worldwide in spring 2017.

Further information from RTS (rtsintercoms.com)

Operating like a wireless key panel, ROAMEO can be fully integrated into all existing wired digital RTS matrices. The system allows users to address either individuals or specified groups. The system consists of the TR-1800 belt pack, the AP-1800 access point, and accessories including charger, holster, and pole-mount kit. Connection to a digital matrix is easily established via a single Ethernet cable. In addition, the system can use standard IT infrastructure, which ensures easy installation and low maintenance costs; the access points can be daisy-chained.

ROAMEO’s cellular structure can cover a wide area with superior audio and seamless roaming between the individual cells. Users can easily expand the coverage area by adding further access points, while additional wireless belt packs can be directly addressed as part of a wired RTS matrix intercom system. Depending on the audio codec used, users can select between a higher emphasis on voice quality (G.722 full bandwidth) or a more efficient use of the radio spectrum with a higher number of belt packs (G.726 narrow-band).

The system can be easily configured in a multi-language set-up via scroll lists on the belt packs or using the control software, which allows users to configure the complete intercom system on one screen. Thanks to its large color LED-display and intuitive icon-based menu structure, the belt pack is very easy to set up and operate. The four talk/listen buttons are shaped differently and provide users with a tactile feedback; the operation of the device is thus possible also in low light conditions and without the need to look at it. With its lightweight, durable housing, the belt pack features the smallest enclosure in its class and is protected against dust and light rain. The ROAMEO system is an environmentally friendly system without any dangerous emissions at low radiation. It is compliant with the US environmental regulation N33.6.