Lumax Software LLC Drafty 2.0

by Michael Eddy
Drafty 2.0 from Lumax Software
Drafty 2.0 from Lumax Software

Lumax Software LLC introduces Drafty 2.0 with a completely redesigned look and feel. Drafty 2, which provides 3D technology with the ease of use of a 2D interface, includes the new Smart Section that allows users to quickly navigate between a Plan and Section view while keeping their Lineset Schedules, Electrics, Legs, Borders, Booms, and Ladders in lock step. You can learn more about Drafty 2.0 at USITT, in Booth 1530 in St. Louis, MO, March 8-11.

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With the intuitive and easy to use Lineset Scheduler, and the simple sophistication of the Smart Section, large and complex plots can be produced in record time, with minimal hassle, and the precision you expect from a CAD tool.

Features include:

Drafty is a complete integrated CAD solution for lighting, sound, and video designers for live entertainment. With the Smart Section joining favorite tools like the Lineset Scheduler, Database Manager, and more, Drafty can output a complete Plot, Section, and Hookup package in record time.

“The Smart Section brings to completion the vision I had with this software years ago,” says Lucas Krech, Founder and Lead Software Designer, Lumax Software LLC. “Now we embark on the exciting journey to increase and improve the program in response to user needs.”

Drafty is available now at https://drafty­, where users can log in for a free trial. Monthly or annual subscriptions are available. Subscriptions start at $14.99/month for the A/V tools and $19.99/month for the lighting tools. The full featured Drafty Pro is available for $29.99/month and includes all tool sets and fixture libraries. Drafty offers institutional site licenses for educational and professional organizations.