Pointman Lifting Products Flex-Phase Electric Chain Hoist

by Michael Eddy
Pointman's Flex-Phase Electric Chain Hoist
Pointman's Flex-Phase Electric Chain Hoist

Pointman Lifting Products introduces the Flex-Phase hoist. Initially available in the 1/4-ton capacity Model S unit, this new hoist gives users the flexibility of powering their hoist with either 115-Volt single phase power or 230-Volt three phase power, without changing any parts in the hoist.

Further information from Pointman Lifting (pointmanlifting.com)

With a lifting capacity of 500-pounds at 16-feet per minute regardless of operating voltage, Flex-Phase is designed for a range of applications. The compact chassis and low self-weight of the SM series platform combine to make the Flex-Phase hoist easy for crews to handle, and leaves more of the rigging points capacity for the support of the production equipment. A Flex-Phase unit fitted with 60-feet of lift weighs in at less than 50-pounds. Flex-Phase hoists will work with a single channel control pendant, or can be operated from most hoist controllers manufactured for the entertainment industry.

Flex-Phase hoists are available for immediate shipment, and are stocked in Ventura, California and at the company’s hoist manufacturing facility in Newport News, Virginia.