Staging Concepts: Uplift Stage

by Michael Eddy
The Uplift Stage from Staging Concepts
The Uplift Stage from Staging Concepts

Staging Concepts will be showing the third-generation of its unique Uplift® Stage at LDI 2017 in Booth #2337. With a completely new design, the product still requires no manual lifting and is 100% drill operated. The Uplift Stage platform is a scissor stage that is raised and lowered with an electric drill, allowing users to setup quickly, efficiently, and with the least amount of effort. The company will also be showing off its Aria Acoustical Shell as well.

This is a video of the second-generation of the Uplift Stage platform. Be sure to stop by Booth #2337 at LDI 2017 to see what's new in the third-generation of the Uplift Stage Platform.

The versatile stage platforms can be built into custom shapes and sizes to meet the needs of any venue, while eliminating storage requirements. The Uplift is a break-through solution for seating risers, pit fillers, and performance stages.

The Uplift’s shape, heights, and sizes are modifiable, but the standard 8-foot platforms range in height from 11-inches to 44-inches, and can be raised and lowered in around one minute. Permanent anchoring and sturdy leveling at any point along the platform’s path makes this product the perfect solution for multipurpose venues. Most importantly, the product is simple and consistently easy to operate—platforms are built to lock into adjacent Uplift platforms to provide a flat, uniform surface, but can also stand alone as an independent system. 

The Uplift is engineered to support 150-pounds/square foot (732.4-kilograms/square meter) with additional loading options available for special situations. Surfaces are offered in standard black polypropylene, commercial grade carpet, painted plywood, or Plyron® (tempered hardboard). A variety of other surface options are also available upon request. The product is fully compatible with all other Staging Concepts equipment. A patent is pending on this product. 

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