elektraLite Stingray Profile

by Michael Eddy
elektraLite's LED powered Stingray Profile
elektraLite's LED powered Stingray Profile

elektraLite introduces its Stingray Profile, a Warm White LED ellipsoidal spotlight. The luminaire has a newly designed 300-watt Chip-On-Board (COB) LED engine that produces a 3,200K color temperature and has a CRI of 94. The unit comes with a built-in accessory holder along with an included color frame for diffusion of color media.

Further information from elektraLite (myelektralite.com)

The Stingray Profile's proprietary diffraction lensing system can produce a variety of beam spreads. The interchangeable lens tube allows for 26°, 36°, or 50° beam spreads and four independent shutter blades can shape the beam.

A simple to use, onboard control interface allows for control by either DMX or console-free static operation. The Stingray Profile has 5-pin XLR DMX connectors (both In and Thru). A single yoke, safety eye bolt, and safety cable is included. Power is via industry standard powerCON In and Out connectors allowing for daisy-chaining of the fixtures. The housing features a rotating barrel assembly, rear handle, and pattern holder slot. There is a rotate and release of the barrel, which allows for the lens and shutters to be easily cleaned.