Meyer Sound Lina and 750-LFC Loudspeakers

by Michael Eddy
Meyer Sound's new Lina loudspeaker
Meyer Sound's new Lina loudspeaker

Meyer Sound's Leo® Family of linear sound reinforcement systems has been expanded with the addition of the new Lina™ very compact linear line array loudspeaker and companion 750-LFC very compact low frequency control element. Easily the smallest and lightest in the Leo series, Lina and 750-LFC bring the inherent linearity, low distortion and exceptional power-to-size ratio of Leo Family technology to a wider range of applications and venues.

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The self-powered Lina loudspeaker measures 20.27 inches (515 mm) wide and weighs in at 43 lbs. (19.5 kg), making it a choice when discreet appearance, portability, and hanging weight restrictions are critical considerations. Also, because Lina shares the same structural footprint as Meyer Sound's current Mina™ line array loudspeakers, owners of Mina systems can add Lina to their existing inventory using the same rigging and mounting hardware. Mixed systems of Mina and Lina are compatible using the delay integration in Compass® control software.

On the inside, Lina has been outfitted with new drivers and an updated amplifier and signal processing package to conform with the Leo Family design philosophy. Compared to Mina, the newly designed class D amplifier affords greater efficiency, and an upgraded power supply enables higher peak output. The 3-inch HF compression driver incorporates a new magnet structure first used in the Leopard™ line array loudspeaker (Lina's next-larger sibling) for reduced distortion. Low-frequency distortion from the dual 6.5-inch woofers is further reduced compared to Mina, aided by new internal venting and baffling to optimize performance. On-board signal processing has been upgraded for more power, and it now includes optimized native mode—as first introduced in Leopard—that yields excellent system performance with minimal external processing.

Meyer Sound 750-LFC very compact low frequency control elementIn most applications, Lina compact line array loudspeakers will be integrated with the companion 750-LFC low-frequency control element for extending deep bass performance across its operating frequency range of 36 Hz to 125 Hz. The 750-LFC houses a 15-inch, dual voice coil long excursion driver along with a two channel, open loop class D amplifier and signal processing to provide separate, precisely synchronized power to each voice coil. Like its larger siblings, the 900-LFC and 1100-LFC, the 750-LFC reproduces low frequencies at high continuous levels with clarity, extremely low distortion, and optimized phase response. An integral pole mount receptacle pairs with Lina or ULTRASeries™ loudspeakers, while an optional rigging frame allows flying in Lina arrays without a transition grid.

The high power-to-size ratio and sleek profile of the Lina compact linear line array systems make them a good choice for small theatres, houses of worship, and portable AV systems. Configured as single cabinets or short stacks, Lina loudspeakers are ideally suited for use as front fills and under-balcony fills.

The Meyer Sound Lina compact linear line array loudspeakers and 750-LFC low-frequency control elements are expected to ship June 1, 2017.