Creative Conners Spotline Practical

by Michael Eddy
Creative Conners' Spotline Practical
Creative Conners' Spotline Practical

Creative Conners, Inc. introduces Spotline Practical, a new small, form-factor hoist with a powered lifting line and integrated motion controller. Spotline Practical is designed to lift small scenic elements and practical lighting while maintaining safety standards and ease of use. Controlled by Conners’ Spikemark software, the Practical is programmable and cue-able with the entire family of Creative Conners’ hoists and machines.

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Spotline Practical features 35-feet of travel, a maximum speed of 48-inches per second, and is capable of lifting 15lbs. Utilizing a 110V powered lifting line, Practical can power up to 1,200W suspended lighting instruments. Designed for simple setup, the Spotline Practical can be installed in approximately 15-minutes. Driven by a powerful servo motor, Spotline Practical weighs only 70lbs. with dimensions of 14.75” wide x 21“ high x 20.8” deep. It requires only three cable connections: 110V input power, control signals via Ethernet, and emergency stop monitoring via a Showstopper 3 Base emergency stop. Once a scenic element is attached, Spotline Practical uses a flat cable to minimize rotation of the load.

Spotline Practical features slack line detection, dual brakes, and primary and ultimate limits. Critically, the Spotline Practical uses a closed loop communication protocol between the controller, encoder, and hoist. “The challenge with protocols like DMX for automated scenery is the lack of feedback data—positioning, velocity, and fault information is nonexistent. By knowing where and how the hoist is moving, Spotline Practical can adjust its motion or stop if unexpected action is detected,” says Michael Wade, Director of Technical Services at Creative Conners.

Spotline Practical is immediately available for purchase for $7,500 and will be available for rent in the summer of 2017.