Waves Dugan Automixer + Dugan Speech Bundle

by Michael Eddy
Waves Audio Dugan Speech Automixer, running in the Waves eMotion LV1 live mixing console
Waves Audio Dugan Speech Automixer, running in the Waves eMotion LV1 live mixing console

Waves Audio (NAB Booth C4746), is offering the Waves Dugan Automixer + Dugan Speech bundle. Any live engineer is familiar with the challenging situation of having to mix multiple channels of speech mics. These Dugan plugins save users the tedious need to manually ride faders while trying to keep up with several people talking at once. Developed with pro audio inventor Dan Dugan, both Dugan plugins are powered by his patented voice-activated process.

Further information from Waves Audio (waves.com/bundles/dugan-automixer-dugan-speech)

This bundle includes two plugins for auto-mixing multiple mics in real time: the new Dugan Speech for integrated use inside the Waves eMotion LV1 live mixing console, and the Dugan Automixer for other major live sound consoles.

With the Dugan Speech plugin, the familiar Dugan Automixer interface is conveniently incorporated into a designated layer mode within the eMotion LV1 mixing console, which you can easily access from any LV1 channel. If you have a non-LV1 console, you can use it together with the Dugan Automixer plugin via the Waves MultiRack plugin host.

These Dugan plugins control the levels of multiple microphones automatically and in real time, dramatically reducing noise, feedback, and comb filtering from adjacent microphones. The Dugan plugins ensure that system gain remains consistent, even when several speakers are talking at the same time. They make perfectly matched crossfades, without any signal compression whatsoever, and without a noise gate that would cause undesirable artifacts.

The Dugan plugins are the solution for any other situation involving numerous microphones and participants. Specifically, the Dugan Speech plugin, combined with the eMotion LV1 mixing console, is a super-convenient, smooth-operating, and cost-effective solution for such scenarios.

Owners of the Dugan Automixer plugin with Waves Update Plan coverage can upgrade to the bundle at no added cost.