InterAmerica Stage & CarlStahl Architektur SkyDot X-LED Light Module System

by Michael Eddy
The SkyDot X-LED Light Module System
The SkyDot X-LED Light Module System

InterAmerica Stage, Inc. and CarlStahl® Architektur have combined two successful products—IAStage’s SkyDeck™ and CarlStahl®’s X-LED light module system—to create SkyDot™ X-LED. In addition to being an immersive entertainment experience, SkyDot X-LED technology could be a house lighting solution for black box theater spaces.

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Applying SkyDot X-LED system directly to the tension wire grid turns the face of the grid into an architectural feature with X-LED pixels. Like an LED video screen, the more pixels you have and the closer together they are, the higher the resolution. Each individually controlled and assigned LED unit can produce millions of colors, facilitating practically endless lighting possibilities and powerful visual content. SkyDeck panels will get outfitted with the X-LEDs at the IAStage factory, ready to plug and play.

SkyDeck™ was designed to safely solve the hazards of reaching difficult to access areas overhead. A key feature is the slim 2” profile, a smooth design that mitigates trip hazards. SkyDot™ X-LED pucks are designed with foot traffic in mind. The SkyDeck and SkyDot products are made to withstand the ‘rigor of riggers.’