Maverick MK3 Wash Chauvet Professional

by Michael Eddy
Chauvet's Maverick MK3 Wash
Chauvet's Maverick MK3 Wash

Chauvet Professional Introduces the Maverick MK3 Wash, an RGBW LED moving wash addition to the Maverick series. Powered by 27 40-Watt OSRAM OSTAR LEDs, the unit is pixel mappable. Designers told Chuvet that they wanted a wash fixture for larger venues that had all of the features they valued in the Maverick series. The MK3 Wash is the next step for Maverick.

As is true of all Maverick models, the MK3 Wash has fast and smooth pan and tilt movements, but its output and brightness have been stepped up for long throw applications. Depending on the zoom angle, the fixture can produce an illuminance of 89,200 lux when measured at five meters.

Increased output is just one of the benefits that distinguish the Maverick MK3 Wash. The new fixture broadens the lighting designer’s creative options by offering quick access to an array of pixel effects with separate control of foreground and background colors.  Like its predecessor Maverick Wash fixtures, the new MK3 features Split Control, which allows basic functions like pan and tilt to be run from one controller, while the LEDs are run from a second unit, such as an external pixel generator or media server.

The Maverick MK3 Wash has over 200 built-in effects accessible via a virtual gobo wheel with background color control along with its CTO color mixing opens. A zoom angle of (7⁰ to 45⁰) and a beam angle (5⁰ to 29⁰) add to the fixture’s versatility.

In keeping with this versatility, the Maverick MK3 Wash can be run via a number of different control protocols, including DMX, W-DMX, sACN, Art-Net, and Kling-Net. The fixture can receive Art-Net or sACN in, and send out DMX to simplify cable runs. It is also RDM enabled, so it can be accessed remotely.

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