Blizzard Lighting Steam Series of Fog and Haze Fluids

by Michael Eddy
Steam • Fg fluid from Blizzard Lighting
Steam • Fg fluid from Blizzard Lighting

Blizzard Lighting introduces its new Steam™ series of fog and haze fluids. The Steam series features four atmospheric effect consumables for a wide variety of production and entertainment uses: Steam • Fg™, Steam • Hz™, Steam • Jt™, and Steam • Lo™. Each product in the Steam™ series remains clean, dry, and odorless with use and leaves little to no residue or contamination.

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Steam • Fg is Blizzard’s classic medium density fog fluid ideal for all fog fluid applications and boasts a hang-time of up to 45 minutes.

Steam • Hz is Blizzard’s pro water-based haze fluid created to enhance lighting performance as it produces a translucent blanket of haze with a long hang time.

Steam • Jt is Blizzard’s fast dissipating fog fluid that creates thick bursts of fog that vanishes within 5-10 seconds, making it a C02 jet alternative.

Steam • Lo is Blizzard’s low-lying fog fluid that produces thick, dense, low fog effects, to pair with a fog chiller. The one gallon bottle of Steam • Lo is designed for use with any water-based (> 700W) fog machine.

All Steam products are designed for use in water-based atmospheric equipment and made in the USA. Steam products use only de-ionized, UV-sterilized water and pharmaceutical grade FDA-approved ingredients.