Mega Lite: Outshine Strip Q80

by Michael Eddy
The Mega-Lite Outshine Strip Q80
The Mega-Lite Outshine Strip Q80

The Outshine Strip Q80 is a new linear bar striplight designed for both exterior and interior applications. Available in black or industrial gray finish, this unit features 16 5-watt RGBW LEDS that emit a 30˚ beam, making it ideal for washing a cyc or scenery. It has a narrow degree lens system to change the beam to 15˚ and the fixture's IP65 rating allows for the fixture to be permanently mounted outside or used inside as a silent, fan-less unit.

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Its compact low profile size makes it ideal as a running strip in low ceiling applications. As well as a foot uplight to reduce shadows in a dance or runway application. The unit has a narrow degree lens system, which allows you to easily convert the unit to a 15˚ fixture, concentrating the beam and creating a unique lens grouping look. The unit's simple to use touch sensitive display makes programming and addressing easy. It features flicker free performance and a low-profile appearance.