Mega Systems: ImageCue Software Update

by Michael Eddy
ImageCue now offers audio support
ImageCue now offers audio support

ImageCue has just released a software update for its popular compact server that allows the playback of media files with video and audio. The software update is 100% backwards compatible with all ImageCue units in the field. The update is now available for downloading from the ImageCue website.

Further information from Mega Systems Inc (

“Since we launched ImageCue two years ago, we have had numerous requests for the ability to play video files with audio”, says Bill Hewlett, ImageCue LLC CEO.  “This was a problem because playing back media files with video and audio streams can introduce a playback delay which didn’t achieve our primary goal of video on cue with close to zero latency.”  To solve this problem, the ImageCue software engineers developed a single layer background pre-roll feature. While one video file is playing, another can be “pre-rolled” to its first frame in the background so that when play is selected the video and audio start with virtually no latency.

You can see ImageCue in Orlando, FL with Mega Systems at InfoComm in June. The company has three booths at InfoComm, Booth 4747 is the main booth; Booth 1231 will feature products from RGBlink and Dicolor; Booth 7367 is in the lighting section and feature products from TAF and others.