Entertainment Fabrication: Truss Dollies

by Michael Eddy
The full truss dolly from Entertainment Fabrication
The full truss dolly from Entertainment Fabrication

Entertainment Fabrication has released their new line of truss dollies to the marketplace. Entertainment Fabrication's dollies for standard 12" and 20.5" truss are designed to be one of the most rugged, versatile, and user-friendly methods for transporting truss. All dollies are manufactured from 1.5" of Baltic birch plywood, and are fully glued, screwed, and bolted together.

The entire assembly has been sprayed with several layers of textured road case paint that is very durable, but also easily repairable should the finish start showing signs of wear. Handles and other features are routed out of the frame so that there is less hardware to break or come loose.

The full-size dolly will hold three stacks of 12" truss or two stacks of 20.5" while the half size dolly holds two stacks of 12" or a single stack of 20.5”. In addition, the half dolly has a very unique block pattern on top so you can even stack and transport 12" tower-style truss.

The half truss dolly from Entertainment FabricationThe new truss dollies from EF are in stock and ready to ship. Order now through July 31st to receive 12% off with promo code "spring2017". Be sure to watch the video to see the dollies in action see just how these dollies can simplify your load in's and out's. EF now offers e-track options for securing loads even faster. If you purchase both at the same time during this promo, EF will mount them for you before they ship. Click below to buy yours at Entertainment Fabrication’s online store.entertainment-fabrication.myshopify.com/collections/truss-dollies

Further information from Entertainment Fabrication: entfab.com