High End Systems: SolaFrame Theatre

by Michael Eddy
The SolaFrame Theatre luminaire from High End Systems, an Electronic Theatre Controls company
The SolaFrame Theatre luminaire from High End Systems, an Electronic Theatre Controls company

The SolaFrame Theatre has been designed for silent operation in theaters, engineered with no fans, it features a full effects package including framing shutters, high CRI, a wide-range of color options, and dimming. The SolaFrame Theatre features modular construction, extremely low power usage, and other innovations such as High End Systems’ patented Lens Defog system.

SolaFrame Theatre is the fixture to take a long look at for designers that work in theatres and other venues where fixture noise is simply not acceptable.

Features include:

More information on the HES patented Lens Defogger
High End Systems has been primarily focused on developing automated lighting with an LED source since 2010. During their research and deployment of these power saving, efficient, and long life products many tests were performed to insure their reliability and performance. One such test is to expose the product to theatrical haze for a time period to ensure that the optics remain clear and resistant to the condensation of the theatrical haze.

During the early development of the LED lighting products it was realized the LED products produce less infrared radiation in their spectral output (thus no need for a hot mirror). Low spectral infrared output is also nice for the performers on stage as there is less heat as a percentage of the illumination. However the lenses in the optical system run cooler. When you couple the lower infrared with larger diameter lenses there can be temperature differentials between the exterior side of the output lens and the interior side of the output lens and an unwanted condensation of the theatrical haze can develop and fog the lens.

Condensation of the theatrical haze on the output lenses is not desirable as the contrast ratio between the black area and white area of a projected gobo image is reduced. Condensation is undesirable because the condensate can scatter light (much like a diffusion filter) all around the outside of the image. In some cases high condensation looks as if focus has been lost. With condensation on the lenses the performance and sharpness of aerial effects also suffers. Also the view of the output lens from the audience perspective is not desirable either.

High End Systems has developed several patented systems to significantly reduce this highly annoying occurrence and at this time two US Patents have been issued. The patented lens defogging systems works so well that even non-LED powered fixtures can benefit from the technology.

Further information from High End Systems: highend.com/products/led/solatheatre