Cast Software: wysiwyg R39

by Michael Eddy
Cast Software introduces wysiwyg R39
Cast Software introduces wysiwyg R39

Cast introduces wysiwyg Lighting Design Software Release 39 with improved security to protect user investment as well as a new feature set for every wysiwyg mode: CAD, Data, Plots, Reports, and Previsualization and more. wysiwyg Lighting Design software continues to improve its workflow and features.

Created with the lighting designer in mind, wysiwyg’s integrated improvements result from the direct feedback from wysiwyg users and the wysiwyg beta testing program. Users will be able to be more creative and dynamic in their lighting design workflow from the design and presentation to clients as well as on site, saving valuable time and resources.

wysiwyg highlights include:
Panorama / 360˚ Image export
Users now can export 360˚ Spherical images of their design and with the help of a VR googles, such as Google cardboard or Gear VR, users can step inside their virtual design and experience it in first hand.

Alpha Beam Shadows
wysiwyg is taking it one step closer to reality by considering the color and Alpha percentage in the textures and altering the beam’s color and intensity as it passes through the surface.

Library’s Insertion Points
Select from different insertion points when adding a Library item into a drawing. This will help place an object correctly and avoid having to re-position it afterwards.

Software UI Translations
Cast has accomplished extensive background work so that wysiwyg can be translated to new languages. French language is first with many more languages available soon.

AutoCAD Importing Improvements
For wysiwyg Release 39, a lot of investigation time and effort was dedicated to make improvements to importing DWG/DXF files. This should resolve any issues experienced when importing very large DWG/DXF files.

Library Additions
Setting a brand-new world record for a wysiwyg release, there are 220 new fixtures available in the Library plus new accessories, gels, gobos, and many old fixture correction and updates.

Further information from Cast Software about wysiwyg R39: