StageSpot: Online Custom Gobo Creator

by Michael Eddy
A screen shot of the Online Custom Gobo Creator from StageSpot
A screen shot of the Online Custom Gobo Creator from StageSpot

For StageSpot, gobo is not just another four-letter word. StageSpot launched its online custom gobo creator that lets users choose from more than 75 pre-made templates or to upload custom images and artwork. The company created this custom gobo creator with pre-built design elements and graphics, plus the ability to manage layers, which makes it easier to modify complex designs. The process is quicker and more flexible that ever.

An acronym for the phrase ‘Goes Before Optics,’ a gobo is a disc typically made from steel, glass, or plastic that is used in the optical train of an ellipsoidal reflector spotlight. Gobos block or filter light to project a specific shape or design, and are commonly used for scenic effects or graphics of a logo for a show onto a backdrop or scenery. 

StageSpot constructed its gobo creator to modernize the process and avoid some of the obstacles previously faced when ordering. With its online interface, the platform has effectively done away with the additional time and cost of creating artwork to match particular specifications or hiring a graphic designer to complete the work. Understanding its clients’ needs, StageSpot created the platform with a number of pre-built design elements and graphics, as well as the ability to manage layers which makes it easier to modify complex designs. Because the site is not Flash-based, it loads quickly and is convenient and accessible for all users—allowing them to view their custom designs in real time. Another feature lets users create personal catalogs in order to easily personalize, save, share, modify, and re-order their own templates, again and again.

StageSpot’s custom gobo creator streamlines the process by addressing all of the customer’s technical needs such as size, material, text, and custom art, and includes dozens of pre-designed templates for inspiration.

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