Lex Products: PCS Trio Touring

by Michael Eddy
The PCS Trio Touring rack from Lex Products
The PCS Trio Touring rack from Lex Products

Over the past several years, the adoption of LED’s, moving lights and other non-traditional lighting fixtures has greatly accelerated. When added to the power needs of audio and video equipment, these “mixed source” applications place a whole new set of technical requirements on the entertainment arena. Lex Products has introduced its PCS TRIO™ Touring rack to solve these challenges.

The evolving single and double pole demands of these mixed sources, plus the ongoing use of incandescent fixtures, has created significant logistical headaches for those who have to specify, purchase, install, or operate dimming and control equipment. As an intelligent answer to these demands, Lex had previously introduced PCS TRIO™ Install, which offered the means to consolidate single and double pole relays as well as dimmers in a single panel. The next step was to place this new power control technology in an easily transportable and road-worthy rack. The launch of PCS TRIO Touring fills those requirements.

Whether the application requires power management of LEDs, moving and incandescent lights, projection screens, powered speakers or other appropriate equipment, the patent-pending design of PCS TRIO Touring enables power control over the widest equipment range within a single panel.


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Further information from Lex Products: www.lexproducts.com/products/entertainment/power-control-solutions/touring/pcs-trio-touring5