RC4 Wireless: RC4Magic-900SX Series

by Michael Eddy
Products in the RC4Magic-900SX Series from RC4 Wireless
Products in the RC4Magic-900SX Series from RC4 Wireless

Driving on the wireless 2.4GHz highway can be difficult, and crowded wireless roads can result in signal loss and signal degradation. Even in the best situation, wireless congestion can lead to a less than perfect show; in the worst case, it can kill your show. RC4 Wireless invites users in the U.S., Canada, Brazil, Australia, and New Zealand to experience the magic of 900MHz and the new RC4Magic-900SX Series of products, and say goodbye to 2.4GHz wireless congestion.

Like the original RC4Magic-900 Series, RC4Magic-900SX operates in the 900MHz band, a cleaner and less congested RF space providing the best performance possible. For added security, RC4Magic-900SX assigns each user a set of unique, private RC4 System IDs using unique RC4 proprietary technology. RC4 System IDs eliminate any chance of interference from adjacent wireless networks, no matter how close other equipment is or how it is configured. “The 900MHz band is far, far away from Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, all that stuff that clutters up 2.4 [GHz] more and more every day. All of our 900MHz products deliver the best wireless DMX data integrity to-date, bar none. The RC4Magic-900SX Series gives you all of that—with four times the range and all the other advantages of not being in 2.4GHz mayhem. For our users, it's just… plain… awesome,” James David Smith, founder and chief product designer at RC4, says with a smile.

Avoiding 2.4GHz congestion is a priority for designers, specifiers, and builders. RC4 is dedicated to making the best technology available to everyone, so the RC4Magic-900SX Series features budget-conscious pricing. “We’re offering 900SX at a previously unachievable price point. It's barely more expensive than 2.4GHz systems,” explains Smith. To bring the benefits of the new 900SX Series to as many wireless devotees as possible, the firm is offering a factory rebate until November 22, 2017 for any professional brand of wireless DMX transceiver or dimmer, with the purchase of a new 900SX device; some exceptions apply, contact RC4 Wireless for details.

Transmitters, receivers, and transceivers, are all part of the RC4Magic-900SX family. “The 900SX DMXio Transceiver is the cornerstone of the 900SX family, and offers customers the flexibility of both a transmitter and a receiver,” explains Smith. “When acting as a transmitter, all of our DMXio products convert incoming wired DMX into our proprietary and highly secure RC4 wireless protocol that is immune to interruptions and interference, and uses the least RF bandwidth of any wireless DMX system on the market. Additional DMXio units operating as receivers convert that wireless signal back into a perfect wired copy of the original DMX signal. Additionally, the DMXio is a smart device; the unit can decide for itself whether to be a transmitter or receiver, and it does it far more intelligently than other systems that just use a switch in the XLR jack. This means that you’ll never get data contention between two signals because a DMXio will never become a transmitter if another is already present on your system ID.”

The original RC4Magic-900 Series has been bypassing wireless congestion since it premiered, and is rock solid in action. “In our show, we have a mobile set piece containing 460 RGB LED nodes requiring roughly four universes of DMX-512,” explains Kevin G. Oakeson, Assistant Head of Lighting at Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas. “The scene is a complex chasing sparkle effect over hundreds of multicolor LEDs. Due to the sheer number of control channels, it was initially impossible for wireless to maintain a smooth, jitter-free result. After trying literally every wireless DMX product on the market, I contacted RC4.” The RC4 team recommended a bevy of RC4Magic-900 DMXio transceivers. “Within minutes we were smoothly streaming four universes of data wirelessly, allowing the set piece to move on stage untethered for the first time. It worked flawlessly on the first try! Our RC4Magic-900 has been running smooth and problem free ever since.”

Kevin G. Oakeson, the Assistant Head of Lighting with Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas, is an RC4 Wireless userThe world of wireless DMX can be crowded and hard to navigate without the right equipment. Avoiding wireless congestion? #RC4DoesThat.

Further information from RC4 Wireless: www.rc4wireless.com and www.wirelessdimming.com