Gerriets: Duvetyne and Commando Masking Fabrics

by Michael Eddy
Duvetyne and Commando Cloth masking fabrics from Gerriets
Duvetyne and Commando Cloth masking fabrics from Gerriets

Gerriets, long known for its European theatrical fabrics has recently expanded its line to include affordable, high-quality Duvetyne and Commando Cloth available in 8-, 12- and 16-ounce weights. These single sided, brushed fabrics were created to give smaller theatres a professional look to their maskings and drapes without breaking their budgets.

Duvetyne and Commando Cloth have been the standard masking fabric for decades in the entertainment industry. The two names vary by region and are essentially interchangeable to describe a light to medium weight, economical, FR fabric brushed with a matte finish. Typically used to hide unwanted areas of the set or block a light source, their ability to rip straight and clean make these fabrics ideal for use backstage. Most masking fabrics are considered disposable by many larger regional theaters, however in small community and summer stock theatres these maskings are used repeatedly until they have completely fallen apart. Gerriets produces durable Duvetyne and Commando Cloth that fit within any theater’s budget but does not compromise quality.

The lighter weight Duvetyne are perfect for super low-cost maskings that do not need to be opaque, such as for skirts on platforms and temporary curtains against walls. The heavier weight 16-ounce Commando Cloth is ideal for economic blackout curtains for windows or stage drapery. These fabrics can be used without any additional finishing, such as by stapling it to scenery or by gaff taping it to a platform. They also can be sewn into custom economical draperies in Gerriets’ workshops.

Gerriets’ double-faced Duvetyne and Commando are brushed on both sides, perfect for when a drape needs to be seen from all angles. The 8-ounce Double-Faced Duvetyne is stocked in 14 popular colors and is a great solution for an economical decorative masking fabric. It is available in two different widths allowing for seamless expanses up to 118”. The top of the line 18-ounce Double-Faced Commando with its heavy weight and 118” wide panels make it perfect for professional, low cost theatrical draperies, legs, borders, and maskings available in 13 popular colors.

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