NEXT-proaudio: LAs418G Ground Stack Version

by Michael Eddy
The LAs418G ground stack subwoofer
The LAs418G ground stack subwoofer

Well aware of the issue of moving heavy loads, NEXT-proaudio has added the LAs418G to its Subwoofer options. This model is a new ground stack version of the company’s current subwoofer, the LAs418, but is designed to not be rigged. The existing LAs418 allows the user to array the sub with optional external hardware, since it includes all of the internal box rigging hardware. With this new ground stack version, there is no way to array it, which is not a requirement for some users. This allows for a substantial weight reduction while keeping the same design and performance.

The LAs418G houses two long excursion and high power 18" drivers providing the same ultra-low frequencies at a very high SPL and delivering precision and punch at incredible sound pressure levels. Where very low frequency extension is required, the new NEXT LAs418G is the solution, being the precisely matched subwoofer for the LA family.

The cabinet volume with optimized port tuning featuring extremely high peak-to peak excursion capability, is able to deliver true sub performance down to 24Hz at -10dB. The new version, LAs418G, incorporates eight handles, four each side, balancing the total weight of 192lbs (87kg). The enclosure dimensions are the same as the previous version, 20.3” x 36.2” x 40.5” (516mm x 920mm x 1030mm) (HxDxW), delivering a stated 9,000W output.

Housed within a multi-laminate birch plywood enclosure and finished in textured black semi-matte coating, the LAs418G can be deployed in either standard or cardioid configuration using the parallel wired Neutrik NL4 connector on the front of the subwoofer.

Just as with the current version, the new LAs418G will be available as 2x8ohm or 2x4ohm (specially designed to be driven by Powersoft X series amplifiers, X4 or X8) NEXT-proaudio has developed and is already supplying an updated touring power rack with Powersoft X Line amplifiers, offering customers a worldwide standard LA Rack, to use in both rental and install applications. The new LAs418G is available for order immediately.

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