Prolight Concepts Group: eLumen8 Tour Batten TW

by Michael Eddy

Built into the eLumen8 Tour Batten TW’s rugged, rental-ready housing are 10 x 10W tunable warm white LEDs with a variable color temperature between 1,600K–2,900K. The temperature can be set via the rear menu or DMX. When dimmed, the fixture can emulate a traditional halogen lamp with an orange glow similar to a sunstrip.

A retro halogen style effect with a maximum usage of 110W, the eLumen8 Tour Batten TW is over 85% more efficient than a similar batten using 75W halogen filament lamps. The light was designed with industry standard chassis dimensions that allow the Tour Battens to easily fit into flight cases already in circulation for the halogen sunstrip versions making it perfect for rentals and non-traditional venues with no dimmer required along with no costly lamp changes.

- Power consumption: 110W
- Power supply: 100~240V, 50/60Hz
- Dimensions: 5.5" x 39.37" x 5.12" (140 x 1,000 x 130mm)
- Weight: 14.5lbs (6.6kg)

- 2 year warranty
- 10 x 10W tuneable warm white LEDs
- Halogen emulation with automatic colour temperature shift between 2,900K and 1,600K
- Substantial power saving over halogen lamps
- Beam angle: 18°
- 1,731 Lux @ 2m
- DMX channels:
    8 bit - 1/2/5/10/6
    16 bit - 2/4/5/20
- Static, auto run, and master/slave modes
- Built in macros with adjustable speed and fade times
- RDM (Remote Device Management)
- 8 or 16 bit, 0 - 100% dimming
- Rugged, rental ready housing (fits inside sunstrip-sized flightcases)
- Industry standard chassis dimensions
- End brackets allow for multiple rigging and floor standing applications
- Four push button menu with LCD display
- powerCON input/output
- 5-Pin XLR input/output
- Convection cooled

The eLumen8 Tour Batten TW from Prolight Concepts Group

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