Link Electronics: AVS-816/SA Audio and Video Switcher

by Michael Eddy
The AVS-816/SA Audio and Video Switcher from Link Electronics
The AVS-816/SA Audio and Video Switcher from Link Electronics

Link Electronics introduces the AVS-816/SA Audio and Video Switcher which allows users to switch between 16 audio and video sources. Designed with video professionals in mind, this wide band-width video vertical interval switcher processes both video and audio in the analog and digital domain. The unit is designed with 16 channels of video and non-looping stereo audio and an extra video output can be used for monitoring. Audio and video breakaway are selected by a single easily accessed front panel switch, with dual LEDs for source selection and follow switch indicates follow or break-away. The AVS-816/SA allows the user to efficiently and economically route or delegate multiple video and audio signals.

Switching is accomplished during vertical interval by using the vertical sync derived from the video at the output stage. Up to 32 switchers can be controlled by the computer software, allowing greater versatility and production value.

The AVS-816/SA may be controlled by a serial data feed of either RS-232 or RS-422/485 interface standards, selectable by a simple internal DIP switch. A remote-control panel is with RJ-11 modular connector and the RS-485 interface standard is available. An optional GPI interface is available for automated system applications.

The serial communication protocol is compatible with existing Link video and audio switchers and remote-control panels. The unit can be preset to respond to instructions for integration into existing systems. The AVS-816/SA is backed by Link Electronics standard 10-year warranty and includes free 24/7 customer support.

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