Enttec: Pixel Control Devices

by Michael Eddy
The front and back of the Pixel Port from Enttec
The front and back of the Pixel Port from Enttec

Enttec announces the addition of two brand new products to its growing range of pixel control devices. The company has introduced the Pixel Port, an intelligent touring pixel driver; and as an accessory for its Pixel Link (PLink) systems, PSAT, a portable PLink Injector with in-built power supply that works with Enttec’s Pixelator.

Although there are a variety of potential uses for these two devices, their compact size, rugged construction, functionality, and ability to be mounted to rigging in a variety of convenient ways makes them particularly well-suited to touring applications.

Pixel Port
This driver meets the need for lighting technicians to easily incorporate pixel projects of all sizes into their touring rigs. It’s designed to control pixel dots or pixel tape with ease.

Running directly from ArtNet, sACN, or ESP data stream, these units are able to meet even the most demanding needs of the entertainment industry. The Pixel Port comes complete with etherCON and powerCON ins and outs, supports a wide variety of pixel protocols and is available as a 5, 12, and 24-volt product, it allows for seamless integration into any industry-standard set-up.

Key Product Features:
• A portable, robust dual DMX Universe over Ethernet to pixel driver
• Easy to extend: connect one to another and get multiple outputs
• The most popular, industry-standard connectors
• Choose from three modes: direct/fixture mode/standalone

This touring-grade pixel driver has three modes. It can be used traditionally to control each pixel individually, giving maximum possible control, in a standalone mode, or, with our latest innovation: the power of the Enttec effects generator.

This feature is not to be underestimated. Reducing channel count of an entire two Universes to just 17 channels, this provides new levels of control and precision.

Configured with the classic Enttec web-server, the Pixel Port’s on-board processor gives the user extensive effect options such as waveform, direction, speed, size, strobe, intensity, and operates both on background and foreground programming layers.

The unit comes straight out of the box in Standalone mode, comprising 14 preset shows designed to showcase the best of what your tape/dots can achieve, without the need to program anything at all. A bank of six blank presets are provided to for you to program your own shows onto the unit allowing you to meet custom requirements, without the need of a control device during operation.

Ordering Information
PR1 5V
Part Number: 76302-55
Description: Pixel Port 5V, 55 Watts

PR1 12V
Part Number: 73602-16
Description: Pixel Port 12V, 65 Watts
PR1 24V

Part Number: 73602-26
Description: Pixel Port 24V, 65 Watts

The back and front of the PSAT from Enttec that works with its Pixel Link systemPSAT
The PSAT is designed as a PLink injector complete with a built-in power supply to enable quicker, cleaner, and less labor-intensive installs. (The PLink Injector converts PLink data from Enttec’s Pixelator or Pixelator Mini, to allow control pixel tape or pixel dots from long distances.) This durable unit features an integrated PSU, is truss mountable, and conforms to standard touring connections.

Enttec’s PLink protocol allows pixel data to travel on standard Cat 6 cables so you can extend your pixel tape and dots to be up to 300m away from the Pixelator or Pixie Driver with no need for special cables or connectors. Originally designed needing a separate power supply, the PSAT solves that by putting the PLink Injector and PSU in one mountable or tourable device.

Key Product Features
• A portable PLink Injector with in-built power supply
• All-in-one pixel power and injection solution
• Supercharge your Enttec Pixelator and Pixelator Mini
• The most popular, industry-standard connectors

Ordering Information
PS1 5V
Part Number: 75008-16
Description: PSAT 5V 55W

PS1 12V
Part Number: 75008-26
Description: PSAT 12V 65W

PS1 24V
Part Number: 75008-55
Description: PSAT 24V 65W

Further information from Enttec: www.enttec.com