Elation Professional: Chorus Line LED Batten Luminaires

by Michael Eddy
The Chorus Line 16 LED batten luminaire from Elation Professional
The Chorus Line 16 LED batten luminaire from Elation Professional

Elation Professional introduces its new Chorus Line™ of flexible LED batten luminaires. Strip lights have graduated from static, single-purpose wash lights to more maneuverable, adaptable lighting effects that can fulfill a number of purposes in a single show. This new range of multi-purpose LED batten wash luminaires features a wide motorized zoom and a dynamic 220° tilt axis movement.

Chorus Line is available in two versions, the 8-pixel bar Chorus Line 8™ and the 16-pixel bar Chorus Line 16™. Both luminaires house 40W RGBW LEDs with full pixel control and are ideal for use as visual effects, foot lights, wash lights, cyc lights and more. 

The new high-power OSRAM 40W RGBW LEDs allow the Chorus Line to perform on the largest stages and compete with the bright LED video screens used on most large productions today. Well-defined LED pixel spacing also allows for more impact and aerial effects.

Both the Chorus Line 8 and the Chorus Line 16 feature stepless RGBW color mixing for a wide range of saturated colors and pastel shades. Color presets and unique color macros are included as is an electronic strobe, 16-bit dimming, and variable dimming curves. In addition, gamma correction and PWM frequency can be adjusted variably and adapted to individual requirements. The Chorus Line is fully equipped for professional control and can be operated via DMX 512-A with full RDM and Art-Net support, as well as Kling-Net protocol.

The Chorus Line luminaires include DMX, etherCON, and power in/out connections, (4) button LCD control display panel, dual quick-lock rigging, and a multi-voltage universal auto switching power supply (100-240v).

The Elation Chorus Line 8 LED batten luminaire with eight pixels

Further information from Elation Professional www.elationlighting.com