WorldStage Absorbs Theatrical Concepts

by Jacob Coakley

Steve Gilbard, owner of Theatrical Concepts, now Senior Technologist consultant to WorldStage
NEW YORK—WorldStage, Inc., the holding company for Scharff Weisberg, Inc. (SWI) and Video Applications, Inc. (VAI), has reached an agreement with Steve Gilbard, owner and CEO of Theatrical Concepts, Inc. (TCI) to integrate their substantial equipment assets and appoint Gilbard as Senior Technologist.

“These challenging economic times demand that we think and act in ways that create value for our clients through expanded and distinctive offerings,” noted Gary Standard, CEO of WorldStage.  “The collaboration with Steve and TCI meets that criteria perfectly.”

Josh Weisberg, President of WorldStage and SWI, was particularly enthusiastic about the expertise and skills that Gilbard brings to his new post. “Steve’s creative mind is unique in the industry,” he said.  “He’s one of the most savvy and experienced members of the AV and staging community.”

“The great reputations of SWI and VAI made it easy for me to make the decision to align our assets,” said Gilbard. “Our collaboration means we will be better able to serve our current clients as well as enter into new market channels.”

Gilbard is well known at SWI and VAI which have long partnered with TCI, his rental and staging company based in Agoura Hills, California, north of Los Angeles.

 “Steve has been a visionary, big-picture thinker in terms of how AV technology can be utilized in new and different ways and is expert at communicating complex technical concepts to clients, designers and producers,” noted Weisberg.  “As someone with a broad knowledge of audio, video and lighting systems and usage, Steve will be involved in multiple areas of our operation as we move forward with the technical expertise and attention to quality that we are known for.”

TCI’s extensive video equipment inventory will be integrated with that of SWI and VAI and made available to clients on both coasts.   The inventory includes most notably, a large quantity of Barco NX-4 4mm LED tiles and accessories.  SWI has also used portions of the TCI inventory on the new Broadway show, Memphis: The Musical.

Gilbard also heads Coolux International, the distributor of the Pandoras Box media server.  As part of the new agreement, WorldStage is making a substantial investment in equipment and will become the first US-based Premier Dealer for Coolux products, notably Pandoras Box. WorldStage will provide the products for rental and sales in the staging, broadcast and installation markets where they have been gaining prominence due to their advanced capabilities.

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