Stagemaker Trains Pook Diemont & Ohl Riggers

by Jacob Coakley

Pook Diemont & Ohl, Inc. staff learning how to maintain Stagemaker hoists.
Pook Diemont & Ohl, Inc. staff learning how to maintain Stagemaker hoists.

Stagemaker, a motorized hoist maker based in Springfield, Ohio, recently completed a training session for Pook Diemont & Ohl, Inc staff and New York City's Park Avenue Armory staff at the PDO Inc. Bronx office. The attendees learned to maintain and repair Stagemaker SM5 ½-ton and SM10 1-ton hoists from Rick Montgomery of Stagemaker and Dive Middleton of Stage Lighting Representatives.

Stagemaker® Provides Training at Pook Diemont & Ohl, Inc. in New York City

SPRINGFIELD, OH (May 25, 2012) Stagemaker recently completed a training session for staff members of Pook Diemont & Ohl, Inc. and the Park Avenue Armory rigging staff in New York City. Park Avenue Armory employees as well as over sixteen (16) Pook Diemont & Ohl, Inc. staff members from all over the country learned how to maintain and repair the Stagemaker SM5 1/2–ton and SM10 1-ton hoists. Training was conducted by Rick Montgomery of Stagemaker and Dave Middleton of Stage Lighting Representatives. Stagemaker provides many training opportunities such as this, for its customers all over the country and always free of charge.

The PDO Group consists of three related companies: Pook Diemont & Ohl, Inc., a specialty sub-contracting company founded in 1982, acouStaCorp, LLC, a manufacturing company, and Motorized Rigging Solutions, LLC, an independent manufacturers’ sales agency. The efforts of these companies are integrated to develop and deliver a premium level of design assistance, product and service in the stage technology field.

The PDO Group is a leader within the stage technology field industry; which includes stage machinery, stage lighting, audiovisual and finishes unique to places of public assembly.

The Park Avenue Armory is a not-for-profit institution whose mission is to revitalize one of America’s historic treasures as a dynamic alternative arts space unlike any other in New York. In 2007, to save the building, the Park Avenue Armory embarked on a $200 million, multi-year mission to upgrade and restore the structure; forty-five Stagemaker hoists were installed in the Armory as part of this restoration.

About Stagemaker:

STAGEMAKER® concert hoists are designed to handle stage and theatrical equipment and enable the safe and accurate positioning of speakers, lighting systems, stage sets, and sceneries. The features and options of STAGEMAKER® concert hoist make it the best choice for a demanding customer. Its low weight makes it ideal for touring events. Its compact size permits it to fit inside truss structures. Its quietness makes it ideal for operation during performances, even in theaters. Its CE mark and CSA c/us certification ensures the quality process.

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