Daktronics Will Renovate Cultural Center in Portugal

by Jacob Coakley


Daktronics is integrating new equipment into the cultural centers existing rigging system.
Daktronics is integrating new equipment into the cultural centers existing rigging system.

Daktronics will design and manufacture a new customized rigging solution for Portugal’s Centro Cultural de Belém. Siamanto Ismaily, the technical director at the CCB chose Daktronics thanks to their safety record and the fact that Daktronics understood the unique aspects of their center. Daktronics is manufacturing the customized control console cabinets and motor gearbox assemblies to integrate the new gear with the 35 existing hoists. A Pro Series control console will control the system, with three alternate controllers providing complete system redundancy.

Daktronics to Renovate Rigging System at Portugal’s Cultural Centre de Belém

BROOKINGS, S.D. – December 5, 2012 – The Centro Cultural de Belém (CCB) in Lisbon, Portugal, has partnered with Daktronics (Nasdaq – DAKT) of Brookings, S.D., to renovate its performing arts facility. Daktronics is designing and manufacturing the new customized solution to integrate with the existing equipment.

Siamanto Ismaily, CCB’s technical director, said: “I have come across several different automated rigging systems in my years of experience in theatres and auditorium, and without any doubt, the Daktronics system is the safest system which I have ever seen. Our project is unique and the very detailed engineering designs from Daktronics were according to our installation requirements.”

The CCB facility hosts opera, ballet, theatre and music performances and was built in the 1990s. Its hoists were supplied by Hoffend & Sons, the company acquired by Daktronics in 2006. “Not only did the renovation project require a quick turnaround from our manufacturing team, it is a very complex solution. The CCB performance standards require a sophisticated, high-demand stage rigging system,” said Ivan Del Rio, Daktronics Europe and Middle East rigging sales. “Our Vortek equipment has supplied other elaborate, world-renown performance spaces such as the Wyly Theatre in Dallas, Texas.”

Daktronics is manufacturing the customized control console cabinets and motor gearbox assemblies to integrate with the 35 existing hoists. The cues during the performances on the CCB stage will be managed by a Pro Series control console and three alternate controllers offering complete system redundancy. The project is on schedule for Siemens Portugal to install the project after the new year.

About the Cultural Centre of Belém

As part of the Portuguese government’s hosting Portugal’s European Union Presidency in 1992, the Cultural Centre of Belém was built near the riverfront in Lisbon. The nation’s largest building with cultural facilities hosts conferences and exhibitions along with performance events. Architects Bittorio Gregotti and Manuel Salgado designed the massive complex and Daciano Costa created the interior design.

About Daktronics

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