Samuel French Offers Customized Scripts for Fundraising

by Jacob Coakley


The Samuel French Special Edition scripts contain room for customize cast and crew lists, production photos and more.
The Samuel French Special Edition scripts contain room for customize cast and crew lists, production photos and more.

Samuel French has started a new service to help theatres fundraise for productions. They now offer customized scripts filled with information about a theatre’s production, including cast and crew lists (and photos), production photos, and Production Pages with space for production team info and special thanks. The books are offered at an introductory price of $9.99, and can be sold at a markup in the lobby at shows or before a show has started to raise funds for a production.

Samuel French Special Editions
Get the name of your cast and crew in print with Samuel French Special Editions!

The Samuel French Special Edition is a customized script specific to your production. These books are powerful fundraising tools that can be sold in your lobby or throughout your community in advance - like Girl Scout Cookies or Entertainment Coupon Books!

Special Editions look exactly the same as the professional scripts you find at Samuel French, but have custom material from your production! In addition to containing the text of the play, the script will also include:

-Your cast and crew list, with a section for understudies and your orchestra, if you're producing a musical!

-Cast photos from your production.

-A Production Page complete with space to list your crew, production team and special thanks.

-Autograph pages – your cast can pre-sign the books, and audience members can purchase scripts with their signatures!

And right now, you can get your Special Edition at a Special Introductory Price!

Right now, Special Editions only cost $9.99 per book!

This introductory price means that if you sell the scripts in your lobby at the recommended $15-$20 resale, you could be making up to $10 for your theatre organization PER BOOK! Sell 100 books, and you'll be making $1,000 in the snap of a finger - think of all the costumes, set pieces and supplies that will buy.

The autograph pages in Special Editions make them perfect for year book memories, or gifts for grandparents or other relatives unable to attend the show. Family and friends will cherish this one of a kind souvenir. Everyone will want a copy of these beautiful, personalized scripts!


You can collect your money in advance, so you’re never out of pocket! Unlike most fundraising items, Special Editions give you flexibility with ordering. We provide you with a pre-show order form that will allow your fundraising team, cast and crew to take advance orders and collect your money ahead of time. You can see how many books you’ll need and then place your official order with Samuel French. Payment isn’t due until seven business days before your scripts need to be delivered!

And what’s more, Samuel French will offer you the tools you need to successfully fundraise:

-A pre-sales order form to help you track your sales and the number of Special Editions you’ll need to order for your production.

-Flyer and Poster templates advertising Special Editions you can use throughout your school, theatre and community to encourage sales of your Special Editions!

-A Lobby Sales Guide that lists best practices for vending your Special Edition during the run of your show.

-A tip-sheet on how to expand your Special Edition sales in your community.

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