The Point Source Audio Sounding Board: Why You Need Double Mics

by Point Source Audio Sounding Board
Why you need to double mic
Why you need to double mic

Want to lose the interest of your audience and get off track? Mess with your microphone! If you’d rather stay on-message and keep the audience rapt, you are going to want a double mic setup. But that doesn’t mean that you actually have to carry an extra microphone around in your pocket. Here’s why you need a redundant microphone setup and how to set it up.

What is Double Mic’ing?
Double mic’ing is using two discrete microphone channels (a primary and a backup) to ensure consistent and uninterrupted audio in case the primary mic goes dead or there’s a wireless glitch during a presentation or performance. The goal of double mic’ing is to create a seamless switchover to the backup without the “can you hear me now” moments.

When Should I Double Mic?
Is your presenter presenting? Is your singer singing? Are your performers performing? If yes, then you want to double mic. No matter how good your equipment and audio tech team is, something can still go wrong and disrupt the performance. Double mic’ing assures that the audience’s attention stays on the stage until the curtain is called.

Experienced RF tech and A2 Richard Stockton supports the backup mic’ing strategy. “The goal in audio production is to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible,” said Stockton. “A backup audio plan in general is an essential step in achieving this goal because, at some point, your lead mic will glitch and you will need to address this quickly.”

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