The Point Source Audio Sounding Board: A Cool Hearing Test

by Point Source Audio Sounding Board Blog

It’s fairly common for people in the stage, entertainment, and music industries to suffer some degree of hearing lossCheck out this cool hearing test to see how good your hearing is. This test is not calibrated, so it’s just for fun. But if you can’t hear anything by 11 kHz or so, try this calibrated hearing test or take the National Hearing Test. If those don’t come out well or if you have chronic tinnitus (ringing in the ears), you should probably call an audiologist. 


You probably sustained some damage when you were young and invincible and frequently went without hearing protection while your life was turned up to 11. Then, there’s the occupational exposure to sound over the years, and all those times your communications headset fell off when you were three inches from the loudspeaker array. It happens. I SAID, IT HAPPENS! Jeez.

You may also want to look into a more modern headset like our comfortable, lightweight CM-i5 in-ear modular headset to help protect your hearing. Unlike old-style headclamps and cans, you won’t need to take these off all the time or knock them off your head with your camera. Check them out—your hearing is worth it!

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