The Point Source Audio Sounding Board: University of South Dakota Dept. of Theatre Makes Good Use of Tech Award

by Point Source Audio
Gloria Kelly as the witch wearing a CO-8WD SERIES8 Omni Headset mic, (costume & makeup designer: Caitlin Quinn)
Gloria Kelly as the witch wearing a CO-8WD SERIES8 Omni Headset mic, (costume & makeup designer: Caitlin Quinn)

Point Source Audio (PSA) this year held a $10K Anniversary Giveaway in celebration of its 10-year anniversary and “give back” initiative to benefit the performing arts. Each of the three prize winners got to select from Point Source’s full catalog of miniature microphones and headsets. “The award winners exemplified to us how it is possible to use the performing arts to entertain while also magnanimously create goodwill throughout their community,” said James Lamb, president of Point Source Audio. One of the three winners, The University of South Dakota Department of Theatre brings artistic/educational outreach to the surrounding area’s Native American community and farming populations as part of the university theater season. They used the PSA award for five of the double-eared SERIES8s mics.

Trying Out All the Range of Options
The first use of the new PSA mics will be for the school’s production of Into the Woods in November. They appreciate how flexible the product is with the choice of the double ear mount or the EMBRACE mount offering different options. “We’ve been doing a lot of work with the hair and makeup designs and how we incorporate the mics,” explains Jonathan Allender-Zivic, assistant professor of theatre, lighting and sound design at USD. “It can really make a difference of how they’re wearing the microphones. We’re in the process of figuring out, for the witch’s prosthetic—do we want to try the double ear, or are we going to use the EMBRACE mount? Or, are we going to pull out of the little EMBRACE holder, and use it as a wig mic? We’re still trying to figure out the logistics of what the witch’s change will be. But having that flexibility for the performers is great, too, because then they don’t have to worry and stress about their mics, while they’re also trying to worry and stress about getting this change done live onstage.”

Read the entire article here about how the Point Source Audio Award is benefitting the University of South Dakota Theatre program and to hear more of Allender-Zivic's thoughts on the mics he selected.


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