Blizzard Lighting’s 8-Bit LDI 2017 Appearance Had a Nostalgia + Newfangled Alike

by Michael Eddy
New lighting products on display at LDI 2017 in the Blizzard Lighting booth, #1336
New lighting products on display at LDI 2017 in the Blizzard Lighting booth, #1336

PRESS START! Blizzard was back at LDI 2017 with another epic booth design. They’ve also levelled up with a load of new fixtures to match. Plus, it was all wrapped in plenty of 8-bit nostalgia including an enormous 26-foot tall, video wall covered with a 3D Q-Bert-style pyramid!

Get your game off to a great start with WINK™, a slick and powerful moving head with blazing fast 540°/270°+infinite pan and tilt! This mover comes loaded with a 60W 4-in-1 RGBW main LED with motorized 5-45° zoom. A four-segment pixel-mappable LED ring with a total of 8x 0.5W RGB LEDs adds even more personality and flair, just like your favorite 8-bit console heroes.

If you’ve got quarters left in your pocket, Blizzard’s brand-new Aria™ Profile series deserves a look. ETL listed and available with RGBW and warm white LED options, these ellipsoidal profile spot fixtures are equipped to produce intense sharp or soft edged beams thanks to their high-efficiency optical systems and high-output COB LEDs. The Aria Profile RGBW comes fitted with a 180W RGBW 4-in-1 COB LED, and the Aria Profile WW comes with a 200W white 3200K COB LED.

Next, even the best pixel-based heroes need a little help from their toolkit sometimes. Enter Blizzard’s new wiCICLE® Ion™, a 2.4GHz wireless DMX/W-DMX® receiver with a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The wiCICLE Ion™ can be directly powered via DMX when in use with any wiCICLE enabled fixture, or it can go power cord free for 6+ hours with a full charge.

Just like it’s “Super” Italian plumber cousin Mario, G-Mix™ 200 is an incredible sequel and an incredible fixture in its own right. With a 200W OSRAM® white LED light source and a smooth CMY color mixing system, this fixture’s rich output does not disappoint. Other impressive specs include its unique system of three color wheels, 5°- 42° linear motorized zoom, smooth 540/270° pan & tilt movement, and variable frost for gentle wash-like output or dynamic background projections.

LOOP™ is a dazzling new linear multi-beam moving head fixture with LED ring effects. LOOP comes loaded with 7x 40W RGBW high power LEDs surrounded by 7x RGB colored rings and a narrow 5° beam angle. The fixture also boasts blazing fast 540°/270° tilt + infinite pan and tilt for sweeping beam effects, smooth 0-100% dimming, built-in crossfading color macros, and built-in chase patterns with speed control.

Last but not least,Blizzard’s booth featured 224 panels of IRiS™ R3, an ETL listed 3.9mm pixel pitch LED video panel with high-contrast 3-in-1 SMD2121 blackbody LEDs. IRiS has impressive specs, like 128x128 resolution (16,384 pixel), exceptional 1200nits brightness and 1920Hz refresh rate. Its front/rear module service and a generous warranty and repair system mean stunning ease of use and legendary support from Blizzard for users.

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