The Loop From Blizzard Nabs Inaugural PLSN Gold Star Award

by Michael Eddy
The LOOP from Blizzard Lighting takes a PLSN Gold Star Award at LDI
The LOOP from Blizzard Lighting takes a PLSN Gold Star Award at LDI

Blizzard Lighting’s LOOP™ linear LED moving head scored PLSN’s 2017 Gold Star Product Award for Best New Eye Candy fixture. Awarded at LDI, the prize adds just a little bit more sweetness to an already delicious product.

So, what made PLSN’s editors and writers crave LOOP so bad? In a word, its flavor. From 7x pixel-mappable 40W RGBW high power 4-in-1 LEDs mated to sharp 5° optics to the pixel-mappable RGB colored LED signature rings surrounding the center LEDs, LOOP is packed with every flavor of the rainbow! And just when you think we couldn’t POSSIBLY jam any more in, LOOP hits your taste buds with a mouthwatering combo of infinite pan and tilt that creates ultra-fast multi-directional aerials.

“Once I get back from the dentist, I’m totally having two dozen more of these,” said Will Komassa, Blizzard’s Chairman of the Bored. “I don’t even care. Just don’t tell my mom.”

LOOP’s delectable flavors dance on your palate thanks to smooth 0-100% dimming, color changing, built-in crossfading color macros, color presets, and built-in chase patterns with speed control--for endless design capabilities. And, LOOP is made with top-quality natural ingredients you can actually pronounce! Fitted with 3-pin XLR In/Out connectors, RJ45 Ethernet (Art-Net) connections, and powerCON® compatible AC power In/Out, LOOP is backed by Blizzard's 2-year warranty

MAP price of LOOP: $1,999.99.

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