GLP Wins the PLSN Gold Star Award for Best New Strobe

by Michael Eddy

GLP U.S. president, Mark Ravenhill announced yet more awards for his company. GLP picked up the award for Best New Strobe for it's ground-breaking JDC1 in PLSN magazine’s inaugural Gold Star Awards. In addition to the JDC1, the company debuted its Force 120 and also on display in its pre-release form, and seeking customer feedback was the small impression FR1 (available for a sneak preview). Also a ‘real world’ lightshow was took place at the booth where Matt Shimamoto of Volt Lites again programmed another brilliantly choreographed production.

The overall exhibit focused on more than the German company’s new product portfolio; both new and classic fixtures alike rubbed shoulders as the company celebrated 10 years of the impression LED series. Demonstrating just how well their products can be integrated dynamically, the sides of GLP’s main booth commemorated a number of shows over the past 10 years that have incorporated the impression fixtures into their design — with testimonials from designers around the world.

Shimamoto and GLP's show was awarded for Best Product Display on their 2,500-sq.-ft. booth. “We gave out branded GLP JDC1 sunglasses to visitors to the booth in anticipation of the show which featured over 650 fixtures in total and had a solid presence of the JDC1,” reports Ravenhill. “Once again, with shows taking place every 30 minutes, and each one running at full capacity, we can count this as another stunning success.” He states that there was never a quiet moment on the GLP booth throughout the entire duration of the show.

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