Rose Brand Wins Best Debuting Product for Nebula Net

by Michael Eddy
The Nebula Net from Rose Brand in use
The Nebula Net from Rose Brand in use

Rose Brand won the award for best debuting product at this year’s LDI show for the Nebula Net – a see-through floating projection surface that is virtually undetectable to the audience. The new 26-foot wide Darknet projection fabric made its debut at the Rose Brand booth last month.

The Nebula Net can be used to for stunning, magical projections – making objects appear to float on air or appear out of nowhere. Once light is projected onto it, the audience sees the projection, but the Nebula screen remains invisible. The compelling effect is often used for theatre and concert applications. The fabric can also help achieve a Pepper’s Ghost effect for theatre, or dramatic reveals for corporate events.

Known as the “designer’s dream,” the Nebula Net has been specially treated to provide a high gain, high resolution projection surface. Designers can build effects that surprise and delight their audiences with gorgeous rich images that hover or jump off the screen to create three dimensional images using black nets. This new tool allows designers and technicians to create the theatrical “invisibility” on dark surfaces that are otherwise notoriously difficult to project on.

The Nebula Net is flame retardant and made of fine weave black netting with high reflectivity. Full-piece lengths range from 90 to 105 feet. It is available for purchase immediately. Customers can request samples or place an order online or by phone at (800) 223-1624.

For more information on the Nebula Net and to watch a demo video, please visit Rose Brand’s Know-How blog
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