Deadlines Approach for USITT Career-Focused & Mentorship Opportunities

by Kathy Eddy

USITT 2018 in Fort Lauderdale, FL, March 14-17, offers a wide range of career-focused opportunities for attendees to fully take advantage of during the Conference and Stage Expo but some deadlines are fast approaching to apply for them. Here are three programs with early January deadlines...

You can advance your skill set, sharpen your resume and portfolio, build your network of connections, and get career advice from working, industry professionals. Pairing any or all of these opportunities with the Conference sessions and the Stage Expo will certainly prove to be time well spent in Fort Lauderdale and well beyond.

Young Designers’ Forum (YDF) and Young Technicians’ Forum (YTF)
YDF brings together talented students with established designers and directors for a review and discussion of the students’ work. Participation is by juried selection and is limited to 12 students. 
YTF brings together talented students with established shop heads, technicians/artisans, and designers for a review and discussion of the students’ work. Participation is by juried selection and is limited to 12 students.
Both the Young Designers’ and Young Technicians’ Forums begin Friday, March 16, with set-up at 8 a.m., and run-through Saturday, March 17.
The deadline to apply is Jan. 6, 2018.  
Apply for YDF now. 
Apply for YTF now.

Early Career Mentoring
Develop a lasting connection with a seasoned professional in your field by participating in the Early Career Mentoring Program at USITT 2018. Developed by USITT Fellows, this opportunity brings together mentors and Early Career members to discuss career opportunities and future goals, provide career guidance, and introduce mentees to other USITT members and exhibitors.

“From the moment I met my mentors, I knew that they were greatly interested in my career and wanted to help me in any way possible,” said USITT 2017 Early Career Mentoring Program mentee Korey Lamb. “I know that as I progress in my career, they will both help me with any roadblocks or barriers I encounter.”
The deadline to apply is Jan. 15, 2018.  Apply now by clicking here.

Student Ambassador
The Student Ambassador Program provides an opportunity for students to network and interact with well-known international designers and technicians who will be attending the Conference. Joining USITT 2018 will be Agata Skwarczynska, a visionary scenographer from Poland; Qin Wenbao, a teacher in the Stage Design Department of the National University of Chinese Theatre Arts; and Carolina Jimenez Flores, a performance designer, author, and choreographer/director from Mexico.

Three student members will be paired with international guests with similar areas of focus. This encourages one-on-one networking between student designers and technicians and global colleagues. “I would highly recommend the Student Ambassador Program to any student who wants to learn from a working professional in their field,” said 2017 Student Ambassador Program mentee Madison Burnes. This opportunity is available for those who are USITT Student or Early Career members.
The deadline to apply is Jan. 15, 2018.  Apply now by clicking here.

And don't forget to sign-up for:
Portfolio Reviews - Get your portfolio reviewed by an industry professional at USITT 2018 and let your work stand out to potential employers. Portfolio reviews are conducted by numerous volunteers throughout the Institute and are available for every level—from student to seasoned professional in all areas of design, technology, and management. You must be an individual member of USITT or registered for the full Conference to participate. Advanced sign-up is recommended: Sign-up by clicking here

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