RC4 at USITT 2018 shows how to Achieve DMX Connectedness Without Wires

by Stage Directions
RC4 Wireless at USITT 2018
RC4 Wireless at USITT 2018

One of the keys to your creative success is embracing technology to accomplish more with your theatrical designs. RC4 Wireless dimmers, receivers, and transceivers are an easy, reliable way to illuminate your props, scenery, props, and more without cumbersome DMX cables. The only limits are your imagination.

Want to learn more about the proven, bullet-proof technology behind RC4 Wireless? If you're attending USITT, stop by Booth #1604 and see how RC4's wireless DMX products can unleash your creativity.

While at USITT, learn how to use the magic of wireless DMX to create illuminated props, costumes, moving scenery, and more, on Friday, March 16 at 1:00 PM. A panel of industry professionals, headed by RC4 Wireless Chief Product Designer and technical guru James David Smith, will show you how wireless DMX can make your projects more original and memorable!

The DMXpix from RC4 WirelessRC4Magic 900 DMXpix
RC4M-900SX DMXpix Dual Pixel String Driver Pixel tape is a favorite of designers, and the 900SX DMXpix makes it easy to create unique patterns and effects with minimal DMX channels. Optimized for use in the U.S., 900MHz means a clear, interference-free signal every time.

The LumenDimM2 micro from RC4 WirelessLumenDimM2micro
Need a two-channel dimmer to disappear into a small space? The RC4 LumenDimM2micro is a miniature two channel dimmer that combines all of your favorite features from RC4 and LumenRadio that is practically invisible on stage!

Wireless DMX from RC4 is reliable, easy to learn, and uses state of the art technology to help designers from university theaters to Broadway, from the convention floor to the concert world achieve their dreams. #RC4DoesThat

Further information from RC4 Wireless: www.theatrewireless.com