CHAUVET USITT 2018 Product Tour

by Stage Directions

Here's a video tour from CHAUVET Professional of their products that they highlighted at USITT 2018. Chauvet's product manager, Ben Dickmann provides this informative tour of their Ovation line of LED-based Fresnels, ellipsoidals, and followspot products.

Dickmann's tour looks at the new Ovation LED Fresnels, developed in Warm White, Variable White, and Full Color for different applications. He also walks you through some key features of CHAUVET's new LED fixtures such as its Variable White Ovation Ellipsoidal, Ovation Spot Light, and Maverick MK2 Profile on display at USITT 2018.

CHAUVET Factory Tour
During USITT, over 150 people attended the exclusive HQ tour, which was a smashing success. "I think it speaks to the strength of CHAUVET Professional’s LED message as well as the company’s reputation, that so many people left the show for an extended tour relatively far from the convention center," says Albert Chauvet, CEO of CHAUVET Professional.. "The enthusiasm on the part of the students, educators and consultants who attended the tour was as encouraging as it was palpable."

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