URTA and Vertigo Pay it Forward with New Candidate Award

by Michael Eddy
Vertigo and URTA team up with the new Pay it Forward with new Candidate Award
Vertigo and URTA team up with the new Pay it Forward with new Candidate Award

URTA announces an expansion of the Candidate Awards program for attendees seeking placement in MFA theatre programs at the annual “URTAs”. The Candidate Awards provide free registration for The URTAs, including free attendance to all continuing education sessions—a value of up to $135. Currently Candidate Awards are available to registrants in the areas of Sound Design and Arts Leadership.

Starting this year, candidates may choose to make a donation to the Candidate Award fund during the registration process. Those donations will be matched dollar for dollar by the flying effects company Vertigo™. This fund will be used to establish new Candidate Awards open to attendees beyond the current disciplines of Sound and Arts Leadership.

“The URTAs serve so many students and have had a huge impact on so many lives over the years,” said URTA Executive Director, Tony Hagopian. “It’s really exciting for us to be able to expand access to more and more candidates.”

Christy Hamilton, URTA Managing Director added, “URTA sends an enormous ‘thank you’ to Vertigo for stepping up and making this happen.”

More than 1,200 candidates pursuing graduate training in acting, design, directing, stage management, and arts leadership take part in The URTAs each year. The event also includes classes, workshops, and panel discussions on theatre topics of interest to both candidates and recruiters.

“The URTAs are the most effective and cost-efficient way to pursue MFA theatre training,” added Hagopian. “There’s simply no other way to be seen by so many diverse programs on a single day, in a single place.”

The University Resident Theatre Association was founded in 1969 with the mission of supporting excellence in theatre training. Fifty years later, URTA is still setting the stage for professional training, emerging theatre artists, and professional advancement.

Further information from URTA: www.urta.com

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