Excellence Awards in Undergraduate Training Announced by URTA

by Stage Directions

URTA announces the creation of the URTA Excellence Awards in Undergraduate Training. The awards will recognize undergraduate instructors, coaches, mentors and their respective institutions for excellence in the training and preparation of undergraduate theatre artists.

The awards will be presented to individuals from across the nation whose students display particular excellence in skill and preparation at the URTA Auditions & Interviews (“The URTAs”) held annually in January and February in New York, Chicago, and San Francisco. Instructors will be selected for recognition from the URTA recruiting areas of acting (one from each host city of The URTAs), and design/technology (one from each discipline—costume, lighting, projection/media, props, scenic, sound, and technical direction).

Awards will also be presented in the areas of acting and design to a college, university, or conservatory to recognize the institution’s excellence in student achievement. The institutional award will include a Candidate Award, which provides free registration for a student of the institution’s choosing to the following year’s URTAs.

Through the Excellence Awards, URTA hopes to acknowledge the important contributions of instructors and institutions that provide undergraduates the essential skills to prepare for advanced theatre training, and ultimately to take their place in the profession.

“URTA is historically known for its MFA member programs. We want to honor the excellent work being done at the undergrad level as well,” said Tony Hagopian, URTA Executive Director, “We hope this award program will underscore the importance of undergraduate theatre training and the dedication and hard work of undergraduate instructors.”

More than 1,200 candidates pursuing graduate training in theatre take part in The URTAs each year. The event also includes classes, workshops, and panel discussions on theatre topics of interest to both candidates and recruiters.

Further information from URTA: www.urta.com