Apply Now for the USITT Stage Management Mentor Project

by Stage Directions

In honor of International Stage Manager Appreciation Day, here's information on USITT's Stage Management Mentor Project (SMMP). Did you ever wonder who makes the USITT Conference events run so smoothly? The flow of events such as Keynote, Tech Olympics, and the New Products Showcase is made possible by those involved in the SMMP. Work alongside professionals in our industry and help make #USITT19 come to life in March by taking part in the USITT SMMP. Applications for the program are open now until November 15.

The SMMP offers students and young professionals interested in stage management the opportunity to participate in a practical training experience. With the support of professional stage managers, participants coordinate and manage the major events of the Annual Conference & Stage Expo. Students and mentors work together to prepare and realize the various and often complex events.

In addition, all members of the project participate in roundtable discussions about stage management and related areas and skills. Mentors are drawn from the ranks of established professionals who work in a wide variety of live performance venues and participants in the SMMP have the opportunity to make crucial and lasting contacts as they move into the profession.

Mentors look forward to a new batch of participants each year, bringing their expertise and passion to the program. “I love being part of the SMMP,” mentor Jay Sheehan said. “I love being around students, mentoring, and teaching. I love my friends that I get to see once a year along with the camaraderie and family-ness I feel when I get here.”

Program Requirements

  • Students must be enrolled in at least the third year of a University or post-secondary institution.
  • Young professionals must be in their first two years of paid employment in a performing arts field.
  • Must be available from Tuesday - Saturday of the Conference week
  • Entry fee (non-refundable)
  • If accepted into the program, students must be or become a USITT Student member

The application deadline is November 15, 2018.

Further information from USITT on how to apply and what the requirements are for the Stage Management Mentor Project: