USA 829 Diversity Committee Adopts Mission and Values Statement

by Michael Eddy
Members of the USA 829 Diversity Committee
Members of the USA 829 Diversity Committee

This Spring, the USA 829 Diversity Committee adopted a Mission and Values Statement. This Statement is the culmination of over two years of work by this committee, and was influenced by committee training, membership surveys, and conversations. 

The USA 829 Diversity Committee is Sherrice Mojgani (Co-Chair, LD), Dante Oliva Smith (Co-Chair, LD), Calvin Anderson (LD), Wilson Chin (SD), Jacob Climber (CD), Daisy Long (LD), Kelsey Harro (ADC), Caite Hevener (SD, PJN), Mikiko Suzuki MacAdams (SD), Jenny Mannis (CD), Porsche McGovern (LD), Carl Mulert (Business Rep for Live Performance), Christopher Murrillo (SD), Cricket Myers (SND), Jane Shaw (SND), and Alejo Vietti (CD).

This is just the beginning of the work they are committed to doing. If you are interested in joining them, please reach out to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Here are the Mission and Values Statement in whole:

Mission Statement
Through continuing service to the union as a whole and the institutions and audiences we influence, the USA 829 Diversity Committee educates, investigates and responds to the challenges facing our community, the benefits of a diverse workplace, and the steps we can take together and as individuals to work towards a more equitable future. We commit to creating and facilitating space for community building and to empowering and encouraging marginalized and underrepresented union members to bring their voices to the conversation.

Values Statement
We value diversity: the recognition and celebration of the wide range of individual differences among our membership. We value inclusion: the active and intentional leverage of the diversity of our community to create equal access and a sense of belonging for all members. We value equity: the fair and just allocation of support and respect across individual situations. We value transparency: the open sharing of non-confidential information. We value stewardship: the responsible use of resources for the future stability of our union, the labor movement, and our greater communities. We value accountability: our ethical obligation to our union members, both present and future. This committee recognizes that every member has equal claim to the resources of our shared community, and we constantly strive to enable that through equitable access to those shared resources.

Most importantly, we value our membership: the multitude of creative minds.

We recognize the challenges faced by our industry, and we know that each individual artist and craftsperson makes us stronger. It is through the breadth of their experience and vision that our industry will continue to grow in the future. We recognize the need to grow and cultivate a union that is representative of our communities: local, national, and global. We recognize our responsibility to that present and future cohort to support the development of sustainable careers throughout the theatre industry, that fulfill the artistic and personal needs of our members, whatever the stage of their career.

We look forward to working together with organizations across the entertainment industry to promote and achieve EDI Goals. These organizations include: employers, sibling unions, training programs, and manufacturing companies. It is only through this broad alliance that we combat discrimination in all its forms among our membership, the Union staff and board, and throughout the industry of which the Union is a part, thereby ensuring success for all our artists.

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