Bartlett Theatre Mics Adds Two New Dealers

by Jacob Coakley

ELKHART, IN—Bartlett Microphones, developer of the TM-125 and  TM-125C stage-floor microphones, is pleased to introduce two new  dealers: 10 Out of 10 Productions Ltd. in the UK and Church Audio  Supply in the USA.

10 Out of 10 Productions in London is the sole UK distributor for  Bartlett Microphones. Formed in 1989, they have worked in virtually  every field of technical production for the Entertainment,  Conference, Theatre, Trade Show, Radio, Film & Television industries.  Their online store features lighting, sound, rigging and effects  equipment.

Church Audio Supply in Norwich, NY specializes in sound equipment,  wire, cables and connectors for the church audio market.They also  have a custom metal shop and offer fundraisers for churches. Church  Audio Supply is owned by Mody Company Creative LLC.

Bartlett Microphones was launched by the designers of the PCC-160 stage-floor microphone. Their first  product was their next-generation model -- the TM-125 -- designed for  area pickup of actors in drama or musicals. Other intended uses are  capturing the footwork of dance groups, and picking up speech at  altar tables, pulpits, and conference rooms.

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