CAD Technology Awarded ESP Vision Distributorship

by Jacob Coakley

LAS VEGAS—ZZYZX, Inc. has appointed CAD Technology as its ESP Vision distributor for South America. CAD Technology will also be responsible for training and support in the region.  CAD Technology, has long been a distributor of 3D design, drafting and lighting software, including Vectorworks Spotlight, Cinema 4D and LightWave.


“Up to this point in time, all South American sales and support had been handled out of our Las Vegas location,“ said Alan “AJ” Jesse, Director of Support for ESP Vision. “Once we were introduced to CAD Technology, with their dealers network comprising 26 dealers covering most of South and Central America countries, it seemed like a logical move to name them as a distributor for ESP Vision in the Market.”

“We are glad to be able to include ESP Vision in our distribution portfolio. All the technology and comprehensive feature list of ESP Vision plus it’s perfect integration with Vectorworks Spotlight makes it the perfect choice for lightning designers in South America. We are excited to be able to start promoting such a complete solution to the lightning professionals in South and Central America through our dealers network.” - said David Oliveira, CAD Technology’s Executive Director.

Located in Sao Paulo, the recognized economic center of Brazil and a key city in all of South America, CAD Technology is poised to market ESP Vision to the whole of South and Central America. Their dealer network provides them access to Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, Columbia, Venezuela, Peru, Paraguay, Uruguay, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Puerto Rico and Guatemala.

CAD Technology can be reached at +55-11 38498257 or via the web at

Additional information regarding ESP Vision can be found at