Zero 88 Release Version 5.3 ZerOS Software

by Jacob Coakley

Zero 88 has released an OS upgrade for their lighting consoles
CWMBRAN, UK—Zero 88 has released version 5.3.0 software for the ZerOS consoles.  Version 5.3.0 can be installed on Zero 88 Leap Frog 48, Leap Frog 96, Frog 2 and ORB consoles and adds a number of new features together with bug fixes.


Key features introduced in version 5.3.0 include a Non Tracking mode for cue stacks, support for multi-part cues and the ability to store user-defined views directly onto UDKs on ORB.  These new features add to the feature set of ZerOS and are in response to user feedback.

ZerOS 5.3.0 can be downloaded now from the Zero 88 support centre (, together with release notes and an Offline Editor (Phantom ZerOS) for all ZerOS consoles.  The upgrade is provided free of charge.

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