ZFX Now Offers Crashing Chandelier Effect for Phantom

by Jacob Coakley
ZFX’s new Crashing Chandelier effect is designed to add pop to productions of Phantom of the Opera.
ZFX’s new Crashing Chandelier effect is designed to add pop to productions of Phantom of the Opera.

ZFX does more than fly people. They offer costumes and set pieces for shows—now including a chandelier effect for Phantom of the Opera, one of the most popular musicals of all time. Rodgers & Hammerstein Theatrical has recently made the rights to the musical available to schools and colleges, and ZFX’s chandelier effect offers a way for producers short on technical resources to have a safe, vibrant effect.


ZFX has done it again by teaming up with Rogers & Hammerstein Theatrical to bring a new “Crashing Chandelier” for the Phantom of the Opera, (rights now available for schools and colleges). Already, scores of people have either acquired the rights from Rogers & Hammerstein or are deciding whether to take the plunge on such a mature and stimulating production.

To make this demanding creation even more possible, ZFX and R & H are presenting schools and colleges an easy and Broadway-caliber solution for the chandelier. With ZFX’s safety record, artistic eye and professional attitude, this iconic symbol of the show has become a no-brainer!

ZFX carefully designed the Phantom of the Opera chandelier to meet the expectations of the original touring and Broadway productions. It was fabricated in house at our development facility to the exact specifications of our technical design team. As a flying effect, it is versatile enough to accommodate almost any venue. Whether you’re envisioning a breath-taking “drop” right over the heads of your audience or a majestic reveal from onstage, we have the artistry and ability to bring your vision to life.

For more information on the chandelier and other flying effects for Phantom of the Opera, contact ZFX at 502.637.2500 or visit www.zfxflying.com. To acquire the rights, contact Rogers and Hammerstein.

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