American DJ Emerald Green Lasers

by Stage Directions

American DJ introduces three new 4.9 mW DMX-512 green lasers — Emerald Sky, Emerald Scan II and Mini Emerald Beam. 

Emerald Sky — A twin green laser effect with dual 4.9mW lasers, the Emerald Sky features 16 spinning mirrors that create a variety of “Liquid Sky” effects. Equipped with 2 DMX channels, as well as built-in stand-alone programs, the Emerald Sky can be operated in 4 modes: DMX, auto, sound active and master-slave. It features an audio sensitivity adjustment knob for sound-active operation.

Emerald Scan II — the Emerald Scan II features the geometric patterns and built-in selectable light shows of the original model. It is equipped with five DMX channels that allow users to control pan, tilt, pattern, laser on/off, and manual pattern effects.  It can also be operated without a controller in sound active or master slave modes.  
Mini Emerald Beam — A scaled-down version of ADJ’s Emerald Beam, the compact Mini Emerald Beam offers the effects of its big brother — at less than half the weight. It uses eight spinning mirrors to create many patterns, and can be operated in sound active mode or programmed via its two DMX channels. The Mini Emerald Beam includes a UL- and CE-approved 100–240 V, 50/60 Hz power supply. It measures 5”L x 7”W x 12”H. Weight is only 4 lbs.



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