Centre in the Square Renews Ticketing Contract with Paciolan

by Jacob Coakley


Centre in the square sells more than 500,000 tickets annually with Paciolan.
Centre in the square sells more than 500,000 tickets annually with Paciolan.

Centre in the Square, one of the largest performing arts centers in Canada has renewed its ticketing agreement with Paciolan for five more years. The Centre sells more than 500,000 tickets annually via 10 regional outlets and Paciolan helps them track their sales, and market to their patrons better. In a world where everyone’s a social media consultant, the fact that Paciolan can track how your social media campaigns are actually paying off in tickets sold is important. According to the press release below, since signing on to Paciolan, the Centre has increased its annual ticket sales by 200%. That’s not bad.

The Centre In The Square Renews Partnership With Paciolan » Major Canadian performing arts center achieves regional ticketing success with Paciolan ticketing solutions

IRVINE, Calif. and KITCHENER, Ontario (June 30, 2011) - Paciolan, a leading provider of ticketing, marketing and fundraising solutions in performing arts, today announced that The Centre In The Square (The Centre), one of the largest performing arts centers in Canada, has renewed its partnership with the company for five years. The Centre, which includes the prestigious Raffi Armenian Theatre, will continue leveraging Paciolan’s online and digital ticketing systems to serve its 190,000 annual patrons and 10 regional ticketing clients, which include the Kitchener Memorial Auditorium. The Centre, which has been working with Paciolan since 2001, sells more than 500,000 tickets to a variety of events in the Waterloo region every year.

“Using the Paciolan system, we’ve grown our regional ticketing business and increased our annual ticket sales by more than 200 percent,” said Bill Nuhn, director of ticketing and IT for The Centre In The Square. “As early adopters of regional ticketing, we’re always looking to push the boundaries of innovation and Paciolan supports this effort and vision. We look forward to continuing our work together as we forge new paths into the future.”

Using Paciolan’s digital ticketing system, The Centre’s patrons and those of its clients can purchase tickets online, print them at home and avoid long box office lines. Paciolan’s digital ticketing also enables ticket transfers and tracks patrons who attended performances. This information enables The Centre to implement advanced marketing strategies to fill the house and provide exceptional customer service.

“We have a great working relationship with Paciolan,” continued Nuhn. “From management to our client partner, we get a dedicated and seamless support system that allows us to accomplish our goals and deliver the best service to our patrons and clients.”

Leveraging Paciolan’s ecommerce solution, The Centre is able to manage its brand from purchase through redemption and sell tickets to a variety of events. The Centre is also able to tap into incremental revenue streams by up-selling special packages and creating promotional offers tailored to their patrons.

The Centre also plans to leverage Paciolan’s consumer marketing services including search marketing, retargeting and social media to more deeply engage with patrons and sell more tickets. “We’re excited about the advanced marketing options that Paciolan brings to the table,” added Nuhn. “These marketing services, combined with industry-leading expertise, provide us a unique opportunity to connect with current and prospective patrons and to raise the bar on our marketing programs.”

“It’s wonderful to be part of The Centre In The Square’s continued success as both a popular performing arts center and regional ticketing innovator,” said Dave Butler, chief executive officer of Paciolan. “Our industry-leading ticketing, marketing and fundraising solutions are a great asset to performing arts venues and allow venues to create an exceptional entertainment experience for their patrons.”

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