A.C. Entertainment Technologies Upgrades FOH Lighting Truss at Little Theatre Gateshead

by Jacob Coakley


A.C. Entertainment Technologies installed custom-built truss for the Little Theatre Gateshead
A.C. Entertainment Technologies installed custom-built truss for the Little Theatre Gateshead

The Little Theatre Gateshead, named after its town in northern England, recently upgraded its FOH lighting truss with custom truss from Litec, CM Lodestar chain hoists and a bespoke motor controller and power distro. All of this was supplied by A.C. Entertainment Technologies. They then followed up the new lighting position install by purchasing a new Zero 88 Solution XL lighting desk from AC-ET.

AC-ET Supplies Custom Rigging Solutions to Little Theatre Gateshead

A.C. Entertainment Technologies (AC-ET) Ltd. has supplied a custom FOH lighting position curved truss, complete with CM Lodestar chain hoists, a bespoke motor controller and power distribution solutions to the Little Theatre Gateshead, UK.

The Little Theatre Gateshead is home to the Progressive Players, who produce up to ten of their own shows per year and also ‘dry-hire’ the venue to outside groups.

The Little Theatre’s Chairman and Manager, Robbie Carruthers was referred to AC-ET when seeking an innovative way of integrating a flown truss for lighting positions in front of the proscenium arch. He wanted this to harmoniously follow the curvature of the ceiling and allow maximum height for lighting fixtures, whilst minimising intrusion into audience sightlines.

A.C. Rigging’s Matt Millward, based in the company’s Leeds office, facilitated the design and co-ordination of the entire project from start to finish.

The precision manufactured truss from Litec, constructed in QX30S series components, with a special 13 degree circular radius to fit the contour of the auditorium, worked perfectly. Matt said “One of the challenges with this project involved a precise survey of the ceiling in order to achieve the perfect radius for the truss.”

With only 4.5 metres of headroom to the roof, the truss had to be fitted as tightly as possible. This was achieved using three CM Lodestar Model L 1 tonne motors rigged in the roof void above.

AC-ET also supplied  a bespoke 3-way low voltage, hard-wired, wall mounted motor control unit complete with a 10m remote pendent, allowing the operator flexibility in positioning for operation of the system. Alongside the motor control, AC-ET also supplied power distribution in the form of a bespoke 12-way wall mounted 16amp panel and a 3Ph changeover switch reducing the necessity and extra cost involved in acquiring extra power capacity from the sub-station.

Robbie Carruthers comments, “I am extremely pleased with the service from AC-ET. They are great problem solvers and it was a pleasure to work with Matt and the team, who brought a wealth of experience and expertise to the project.”

Very recently, the Little Gateshead Theatre followed up with the purchase of a Zero 88 Solution XL lighting desk from AC-ET to compliment the new installation.

For more information about A.C. Entertainment Technologies Ltd, visit www.ac-et.com.